ASM BURZA - Tarnowskie Góry, Silesia, Poland

50° 25.20' N | 018° 49.45' E | 320 meter | Show on map

About the station

21.11.2017 22:14:44

Software:weewx v3.6.1
Weewx uptime:1 Day, 14 Hours, 2 Minutes
Server uptime:134 Days, 7 Hours, 59 Minutes

Current Conditions

Outside Temperature3,1°C
Wind Chill3,1°C
Heat Index3,1°C
Barometer1012 hPa
Barometer Trend (3 Hours)0 hPa
Wind0 km/h N/A ( N/A)
Rain Rate0,0 mm/h
Inside Temperature21,7°C


Update: 04.11.2016
- new version of weewx. Now is 3.6.1.
- new skin - sofaskin
- new battery in external module ;-)

Update: 15.03.2014
- Raspberry Pi is a main controller of meteo station,
- weewx in 2.6.2

Update: 01.07.2013 - new hardware for collect meteo data, WS-0101 FineOffset USB Conrad Electronic
- station sensors: temperature, higrometr, pressure, rain, wind direction, wind speed

At first meteo station was built based on 1-wire technology. This solution worked perfectly about three years. They were used: temperature sensor DS-1820, higrometr SY-HS-230 and pressure sensor MPX-4115. Meteo station worked on the notebook Toshiba Sattelite 1800, ubuntu, mysql and RRD.

Special thanks to:
KRZYCH - for very beautifull clock gauges,
MARCIN - for solution the refresh problem with ajax

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